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Workflow of recycling 18650 battery cells

Recently I started involving in a project which requires me to explore the idea of building battery packs for battery powered sensor node (another story for another day). For cost reasons, I decided to explore the feasibility of reusing 18650 lithium ion cells from old laptop battery. Today, I’d like to briefly share the workflow I’m practicing to […]

Monitoring Power Consumption with CT Sensor

Having the capability to monitor power consumption is definitely nice-to-have and plays an important role to reducing energy bill. Since some time ago, I’ve been looking for off-the-shelves wireless solution/product, such as these: However, looks like they are not something I’m willing to pay that kind of price, especially if I need multiple units – […]

Why ESP8266 and PlatformIO?

Today, I would like to address a question that I’m often asked: “Why do you not use Arduino Board (e.g. Uno, Nano) instead?“. This is referring to the sensor nodes I’ve deployed around the house. I’ll also describe the toolchain I’m using for development and OTA firmware update. Why not Arduino Uno/Nano/XX? My first sensor […]