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Workflow of recycling 18650 battery cells

Recently I started involving in a project which requires me to explore the idea of building battery packs for battery powered sensor node (another story for another day). For cost reasons, I decided to explore the feasibility of reusing 18650 lithium ion cells from old laptop battery. Today, I’d like to briefly share the workflow I’m practicing to […]

Facial Detection and Recognition with OpenCV and AWS Rekognition

Facial recognition for authentication (e.g. unlocking the door) is deemed not secure as many implementations are easily fooled. However, it is acceptable to use facial recognition for monitoring. In the future, I’d like to monitor movement at the front door for 2 reasons: detecting suspicious character and detecting if family member (or friend) is at the […]

Streaming Sensor Data (Raspberry Pi) to AWS IoT

In my opinion, the quickest way to monitor the ambience (e.g. weather station) is to deploy a sensor node and have the data streamed to a cloud platform that provides a nice dashboard. Sure, we can use platform like ThingSpeak that provides fuss-free all-in-one solution. However, I always prefer to use a generic cloud platform which allows […]

Android Things on Intel Edison

Electronics Buying Guide – Where to purchase online?

You may have some crazy idea which you’d like to prototype, or just wanting to learn a thing or two about hardware, but you’re clueless on where to purchase the necessary parts. This is for you – suggestions on where to purchase materials online, especially electronics components. May not be applicable to those residing outside of […]

Bluetooth Beacon and Google Physical Web

Monitoring Refrigerator with TI SensorTag

I’ve been doubting my refrigerator for some time now as my vegetable tend to spoil earlier than expected. Hence, for a start, I would like to monitor the interior temperature and humidity and understand how it changes every time the door is opened. I’ve been placing ESP8266 based sensor nodes all around the house, which […]

Basic MQTT protocol walk-through

MQTT is among the popular connectivity protocol for Internet of Things application, considering the fact that it’s supported by mainstream cloud platform like AWS, Azure, IBM and ThingWorx. MQTT has been gaining popularity for IoT application due to its small overhead comparing to HTTP, which makes it easy to implement on constrained device (e.g. limited power […]